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Banana Blast by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
Banana, strawberry and chocolate gelato provide a delightful medley of flavors on a chocolate flavored crust. Our cute version of a banana split.
Brazo de Mercedes by Caramia
A delightful mix of rich custard filling in a soft meringue roll. It’s a family recipe that you’ll surely  enjoy!
Brazo Gelato by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
A gelato twist to your favorite Brazo de Mercedes. Rich custard flavored gelato on a bed of crushed graham, surrounded by a layer of soft meringue and capped with light Italian meringue.
Caramella Premia by Caramia
Caramel chiffon layered with cashew nuts and moist caramel icing. A light and scrumptious treat!
Chocolate SMores by Caramia
Heavenly chocolate buttercake filled with layers of light chocolate cream and topped with marshmallow icing.
Chocolate Symphony by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
A harmonious blend of chocolate and Baileys gelato with crunchy chocolate coated wafers all in layers of chocolate butter cake.
Coffee Honeycomb by Caramia
Light chocolate chiffon drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce layered with coffee and chocolate cream and topped with coffee honeycomb crunch.
Mango Magnifico by Caramia
Refreshing mangoes in whipped cream with cashew brittles in light chiffon.
Mango Passion by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
Mango chunks mixed in gelato nestled in layers of rich shortbread pie crust and topped with luscious strips of mango slices.
Mango Sans Rival by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
An absolute favorite! Delightful mango gelato mixed with our to-die for sans rival gelato embedded in layers of crunchy meringue wafers.
Matcha by Caramia Ice Cream Cakes
Creamy matcha gelato with white chocolate in  layers of meringue wafers and walnuts all topped with smooth melt in your mouth matcha ganache.
Midnight Dream by Caramia
Caramellized cashews add a delightful bite to melt your mouth cream layered in decadent chocolate chiffon.
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